How can someone increase their SAT score by 300?

How can someone increase their SAT score by 300?
How can some one increase their SAT score by 300?

im kinda smart. i have a 3.3 gpa i take hounors and some AP classes. on my SAT i got 410 on reading 400 on math and 410 on the essay. in school i do really well in Math ( i have an A in alg 2.) and i finished english with a B+. also i never took any practice tests nor any prep classes before this SAT. this was my first time taking them

Hi Jake,

In short: I think that since you’ve only taken the SAT once, experience / familiarity is the most important thing for you right now. Take one or two practice tests; it’s likely that this alone will raise your score. (Indeed, it’s common for people’s second SAT to be much better than their first — even if they didn’t do any studying in the meantime!) Experience with the test is important, and I think it’s the first stop in SAT-prep.

In the longer run: I’d get the College Board’s blue book (i.e. “The Official SAT Study Guide”), and work through the practice exams under test-like conditions. I’d also buy a general SAT prep book (such as the Princeton Review’s “Cracking the SAT,” Barron’s “SAT,” etc.) and read it cover-to-cover.

Let me also briefly mention that I recently helped write a book that might be of interest to you: It’s called the SAT Self-Study Bible, and is meant to help people who study for the SAT on their own (rather than with a private tutor or through a prep-class). The link is below:

I should also mention that [1] There’s now a free, abridged version of the guide available (you can find it by going through the link above), and [2] I think that the 35% off coupon that I gave in some of my posts a while ago is still active (i.e. you can still get 35% off of the full version with it).

I hope that helps! Good luck when you retake!