How could I organize my essay? Need help and opinion It’s about if I believe it should be reinstated or banned?

How could I organize my essay? Need help and opinion It’s about if I believe it should be reinstated or banned?
I have to do a 2-3 page MLA format research paper.

It is on if the death penalty should be reinstated or banned.

I said it should be reinstated….because it was easier.

I actually believe it should be banned, because I think it is more torturous to stay in jail for the rest of your life then to get the death penalty, and that some killer or something doesn’t deserve to have rights.

Although that is an opinion…and I need to back it up with facts…so I don’t know how I can prove that point of view, so I just did why I think it should be banned.

In my paper I took a more psychological stand point, that being in jail goes against the 8th amendment because of the mental stresses, and development of mental illnesses and mental break downs can be seen as cruel and unusual punishment, therefor going against the 8th amendment…

However, I feel odd taking a stand that way…one because it is different….really different, and some people use someones mental state as a bad excuse or what ever, and two because it isn’t what I truely believe in….but if I had to listen to the law and remove my biases…I would be taking it from a legal and psychological stand point…actually in my these I said “from a legal and psychological stand point…” just to show that isn’t my real point of view…

What is your opinion? Is it weird or different? Should I re do it?

Also, if you think I should re-do it, how should I organize my essay? or How should I organize the banned part, to support my opinion…what would go in the body be is what I mainly need to know?.

Most of my essay was about the psychological part because the rest were kind of back ground information helping me lead to the psychological part.


The death penalty has a foundation in justice, as do all criminal sanctions, and it spares innocent lives.

Anti death penalty arguments are either false or the pro death penalty arguments are stronger.

Proof below.


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All prospects of a negative outcome deter some. It is a truism. The death penalty, the most severe of criminal sanctions, is the least likely of all criminal sanctions to violate that truism.

28 recent studies finding for deterrence, Criminal Justice Legal Foundation,

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The 130 (now 138) death row “innocents” scam


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These are some of the common topics within the death penalty debate. Many more upon request. [email protected]