How did guilds increase political power of towns? ?

How did guilds increase political power of towns? ?
I need help with this question. I also have another question…

And how did the emergence of a middle class affect European life?

I kinda know what those mean, but I am not exactly sure. If you do know, could you please clarify? Thank you so so very much!!

I’m not actually going to answer your questions because I don’t want to do your homework. But I will:

a) Suggest that you check Wikipedia under GUILD or GUILDS and read the entire article. Your answer is there. Cut & paste into your browser:

b) Think Union. In unity there can be strenght and power. (Sometimes that can come back to bite you but that is not the issue here.)

c) Ask that you think about the economic power you can hold if you have a monopoly on a trade (or anything similar)
If you are the only game in town, everyone who needs that item or skill will have to knock on your door.
Economic power leads to political power. Which is exactly what happened in the Middle Ages with the development of the Guilds.

d) Understand what/who had the power before the Guilds. Then you will see why the guilds and the merchants became the strong middle class as opposed to cottage industry.

Read the article.
Take notes
Chart the development from the Guild (don’t be distracted by apprentices, journeymen or master craftsmen) to their insertion into local politics to the mini revolutions.

There has always been the idea around that if the revolution were in the middle class, there would be change.

Good luck on your paper, debate, essay or whatever.