How did The Beatles change the music industry/world ?

How did The Beatles change the music industry/world ?
I’m doing an essay on how The Beatles changed the world and music industry. I already have down that they cheered people(Americans) up with their music after the assassination of JFK and WWII. Anything else? Other ways they helped the music industry/world are greatly appreciated! :]

The Beatles gave a new sound to the music industry, practically changed the industry altogether. they offered a new genre, a new brand of rock’n’roll that later grew even larger and progressed so widely that rock music was practically the dominant music genre throughout the late 60’s up until the late 90’s when meaningless robotic boy “bands” like Nsync and Aaron Carter came into the picture. Then pop became more of a craze as well did rap. Though classic rock is no longer produced (there is still alternative rock and heavy metal) The Beatles have made history. Their concert in the summer of 1965 at Shea Stadium in New York was the biggest ever in record books with 55,600 people in attendance. the beautiful mccartney song, Yesterday, is the most covered song ever with over 3,000 covers. The Beatles had given disenfranchised teenagers in the 60’s hope for something different after the dreary post-war climate had left humanity with nothing. The Beatles have something called Beatlemania, something that took the world by storm after they got discovered in 1964 when their song I Want To Hold Your Hand became #1 overnight in America. It was practically impossible for the four young men to walk around in public without getting mobbed by fan girls. Beatles are the most commercially and musically successful band with more then a billion copies of their albums sold worldwide.They were big peace activists, especially John Lennon. They sang about peace and love and happiness and reality which made their music all the more relatable. The gave us hope. They taught us about love and what it means to be happy. Though they didn’t uncover the secret of life, they gave us a pretty good idea of it(: