How did the Vietnam war affect America today?

How did the Vietnam war affect America today?
Writing a 5 paragraph essay on this, coincidentially on Veterans day.. Need to know all the info on this please share. Thank you all veterans!

Hi Kevin, Just imagine you went to war, having killed people, seeing friends and enemies die, and living in fear of dying yourself. Think about how you must have felt if you had to sneak your way back into our country, with nothing said and you had to just pretend nothing happened and start all over. For many veterans, returning home has been a distressing and apprehensive experience.

Even though the veterans were trained for the intensity of the duties, the training may have not prepared them for the emotional impact of the events. Assimilating back into civilian life was a big step. The veterans felt they had done the job the government asked them to do and now they, not the government, were taking the blame for it… the complete essay is here: