How did you get into the University of Chicago?

How did you get into the University of Chicago?
I want to know what it takes to get into UChicago. Also, is it true that it doesn’t accept students with Dual-Enrollment?

To get into university of chicago, you dont need a lot, but at the same time, you do need a lot, meaning, a fairly good, but reasonable GPA, good ACT or SAT scores, and a very good essay. You transcript also goes into your consideration, but is not the main concentration, honestly, once you leave high school, all that shyt means nothing. College is where it all starts! But anyway, what yhu want is a good ACT, SAT scores, and a good essay. You essay should explain why you think you belong at U of C, why you feel you should be in their college and representing them? Your essay is preety much you corresponding on a personal. Be honest with them, tell them the real reason why you want to be a part of their college and receive an education from their school. If you want to make your essay concentrating that you think their acting school, or waterever it is you wanna do, will make you the next, lets say, Halley Berry, or one of the best actors the world will come to know, then make it sound good, prresentable, and if you have to, sugar coat it a little, people dont get everywhere in life being honest. Soooo, yeah, but try to have a good GPA, a sense of humor, good test scores, and a very good essay, write about something that sticks you out from the rest, good luck to you….I to hope to attend to University of Chicago in the Winter of 2012, and receive my Bachelors in Accounting and Finance, and a minor in French…maybe ill see you there…who knows..lolz..good luck to you….