how do a start an introduction on a narrative essay about being pregnant?

how do a start an introduction on a narrative essay about being pregnant?
I am writing an narrative essay on being essay how can i start the introduction off

Design your paper first:

Pregant – what are your 3 or main points?
Your intro should mention what they are.
All paragraphs should be written in TASK format:
— Topic sentence (tells reader what paragraph is about)
— Add 3 or more detail sentences about that topic
— S – Summary sentence (ends the thought of the paragraph/paper or if it is followed by another paragraph, you link it to the next topic)
— K – checK for COPS (capitalization, overall look, punctuation, spelling in all sentences)

Someone finding out they are pregnant can be the happiest and most scary day of their lives. When having a baby, the mother is effected physically, emotionally, and financially. [ 3 main ideas] Whether the mother is old or young, those 9 months can be life changing. There are so many changes to the mother’s life, but in the end she will feel it was worth it. The most obvious change is the physical change her body goes through.
Paragraph 2 about physical leads to Paragraph 3 on emotional leads to Paragraph 4 on financial leads to your concluding paragraph which should sum up the 3 main points again and end with a feeling. Feeling sentences are great summary sentences. ex) Life changes, but the joy you see from looking at that sweet little face makes it all worth it in the end; especially for the little him/her.