How do college applications work?

How do college applications work?
Do you just fill everything out online, and send ACT/SAT scores online as well? And what about the resume, do you mail it to a college?

If the college/university has the ability to apply on-line yes. ACT/SAT scores will be sent directly from them to your college. You will tell them what schools you want scores sent to. Most colleges do not require a resume, if so read the directions in the application they will tell you. Some will require an essay, and recommendations from teachers. Those will be sent, again, directly from the teacher to the school. Any official “tests, records, etc.” are sent directly from the school/organization to the university to prevent “tampering”. Most applications for fall, 2009 will be due the end of this year/early winter. SAT/ACT tests should have already been taken, or last resort by October. Good luck! (college professor)