How do I analyze Abbey Road photo for essay?

How do I analyze Abbey Road photo for essay?
Ok, I have been away from school for a “few” years, this is my first semester back and I’m so lost on this assignment…
Ok I need to analize a photo from past that I believe says something about society, culture, a historical moment, an artist’s life, human nature etc. – Make a thesis statement, 3 citations, 1000 words.
i first was going to do jane fondas pictures in vietnam but the professor said, remember main focus has to be actual analysis of image – other info. must support.
Ok, so how do you cite without informing?
Please help the old lady without a clue – and any analysis on the Abbey Road cover photo please reply also!

the original abbey road photo had no meaning. they had to come put with something quick and that’s how the cover came to be.

though you could point out that paul is not wearing any shoes. in england people are burried without shoes. that could be to say something about all the soldiers coming back from vietnam. the ones who died- and being burried without their shoes.

also, there are on lookers on the cover watching george, john, paul and ringo walking down in a straight line. the beatles could symbolize the draft dodgers walking away from the vietnam war refusing to fight for something they did not believe was right and something that violated their own rights. the on lookers being the straight people angry and dissapointed about what they’re doing. they’re traveling down their own path. the beatles can also represent the hippies and all of the straights not being able to understand.