How do I answer this essay question?

How do I answer this essay question?
Hi I need help to answer an essay question. I’m not looking for the answer to the question but the way to answer it.

The question is:

What do trends of historical terrorism teach us about the future of modern terrorism?

I’ve never answered a question asked like this for my university essays. I was thinking of picking a few events of historical terrorism assessing them and contrasting them to modern terrorism.

Any better ideas?


That kind of question isn’t looking for any specific answer, but is instead looking for the following things:
1. Strong writing ability. Make sure your essay is flawless, and interesting to read. It needs to flow effortlessly, too.
2. Good analytical skills. Make sure to fully analyze, in-depth, every single aspect of the question that you can. (This is definitely the most important)
3. Good research ability (slightly less important than the other two, probably).

Your approach seems like a good start. Instead of just picking a few historical examples though, I’d pick every single one you can find. You can condense it for the essay if needed, using only prime examples (and citing the others as backup), but the more you consider the better your essay will turn out. Also, don’t just look for the trend across a single instance, look for a pattern in trends across a bunch of different historical instances too. Don’t forget that both what happened, and the reasons behind what happened are both important. Every pattern or trend you find should be evaluated, point by point, for modern terrorism. Finally, always explain why or why not, and address any potential (reasonable) objections your reasoning process or conclusions.