How do I apply for grants and scholarships for grad school, travel, and loan repayment?

How do I apply for grants and scholarships for grad school, travel, and loan repayment?
I will be graduating from my college with a BA in English and I’m going to be owing money for loans that I’ve taken while in school. I want to go to Japan to teach English but I need the money to travel there in the first place. After a couple years of doing that, I plan on coming back to the States to earn a Masters in Journalism at the University of Georgia.

Someone told me about grants and scholarships that give money for achievements and essays written and you can use the money for just about anything because it is yours as soon as you earn/win it. I searched online for these types of things but all I found were scams, things that were for undergrads, things that had certain requirements (like one said I had to be Native American, another disabled, of which I am neither).

Does anyone know of a website, place, or company that helps people with these types of things? Any papers I can sign to get the money ball rolling?

I have two jobs right now, but I would really like to get these debts paid and I don’t make enough to do that within a short time frame. If anyone has any experience with this, I’d love some help.

Please and Thank You!

The only way you are going to find legitimate loans and scholarships is through your college’s financial aid office. That’s what they do – research the various financial assistance that you would be eligible for.

Nobody is going to give you money to travel to Japan to teach English – you just have to save up your own money for that. And if you already have student loans, then you won’t be able to get more money unless you go right to grad school. Otherwise you’ll need to start paying off your loans.