how do i cite a website in MLA?

how do i cite a website in MLA?
i am lost on citing a website in MLA format. does anyone know how?

ok, this is just an example. Say this is the information i’m using from the website: “this is just an example sentence.” and the website i got it from would be, how would i cite that within my essay? please help!!

A great website to reference for all citations is:

I was an English major and I used it all throughout college! It’s so handy.

In your actual essay you are going to have just the author of the website (if you don’t have the author, use the main title of the website followed by the year it was written

Ex of what it would look like if you had a direct quote in your essay: “Elephants that attack their zookeepers are bad!” (, 2011) [without author] otherwise it should be (Kooper[author], 2011)

Then you will have a works cited page that will include more information (title of article, website, date accessed etc.)

Here is the direct link to the MLA format for citing a website in your work:…

Good luck!!