How do I come up with examples for the SAT essay?

How do I come up with examples for the SAT essay?
On the SAT essay portion, i’ll definitly need examples from anything you’ve read, experienced, seen, etc. but what’s a good way to come up with examples to support my argument / thesis / topic sentences…?

I know like these famous american literature such as huck finn and gatsby works for like anything, but, is there a trick to figuring out examples in the shortest amount of time?

Normally, this essay will ask you about whether something is right or wrong, should or shouldn’t be happening/allowed, what people should be like–annoying stuff like that It is regarded as one of the most difficult essays ever, because the questions are very unpredictable. Which examples you use really doesn’t matter, as long as you use them effectively in your argument. Now, if you’re having trouble coming up with examples, do a few practice essays. That will get you an idea of your own personal strategy for pacing.

Honestly, this one can sometimes come down to the luck of the draw, though. Just be as prepared as you can, and if you feel like you’ve done a bad job after the essay is over–forget about it. The worst thing you can do is dwell over something you can’t change while you’re trying to take the rest of the test.

Hope you do well!