how do i conclude this essay?

how do i conclude this essay?
ok it is about a time i was misunderstood….i can not fit the whole thing on here but it is about when i was on a basketball team and we were in an important game and around then end of the game my teammate threw a horrible pass and my coach thought it was me who threw it so he started yelling at me… do i conclude this??i cant think of a good conclusion…please some one give me like two nice sentences

When writing an essay, you are allowed to take ‘poetic license’, ie., you can tell lies – or at least exaggerate the truth.

Try this: As the Coach ranted and raved at me in front of the rest of the team, I bowed my head and accepted his criticism knowing full well that it was not me, but my best friend and team mate who had made the throw. I honestly thought that the Coach was about to hit me.

Suddenly, a hand was laid on my shoulder and the voice of my friend rang out. ‘That’s it Coach, enough is enough. It was me who threw that horrible pass, not Primetime. Everything you have just said refers to me. I accept what you say, but never ever speak to my best friend like that again’. He then struck out with his fist and hit the Coach squarely on the jaw.

That was the end of both our College Basketball careers, but for the sake of the friendship we renewed, it was truly worth it…….