how do i do a compare and contrast essay!!!!!!!!!?

how do i do a compare and contrast essay!!!!!!!!!?
How do I do a compare and contrast essay?
I am supposed to do an essay on the books Tangerine by Edward Bloor and Where the Red Fern Grows. We are supposed to say how they mature? These were the directions from the teacher:

In a well-organized 5-paragraph essay compare and contrast the ways in which Paul from Tangerine and Billy from Where the Red Fern Grows mature and grow throughout the two novels. This paper should be a minimum of 4 FULL pages, and should be typed double-spaced in size 12 New Romans font. At LEAST 3 quotes must be incorporated into your essay. Be sure to include a well-organized thesis statement in which you clearly state your 3 main points about how the boys matured in either similar and/or different ways.

I really need help because I don’t know how to write it/one.

Hi english summer work right? yepp me too. okay so i’ll do it in paragraphs:

1. intro just talk about the setting and the and the authors

2. talk about the characters, the problems they face, how their personalities are alike and different. how their problems are alike and different

3. talk about how the way they both mature are alike, maybe they both faced their fears

4. talk about how they both matured are different. maybe one was helped by friends while the other went through it alone

5. wrap everything up, just summarize how they went through their problems. and the main points of paragraphs 3 and 4. no new info should be in this paragraph, also no quotes. this is just to summarize

kay, i hope i helped. can you answer my question? thanks