How do I format a compare and contrast essay?

How do I format a compare and contrast essay?
ok so what im doing is comparing and contrasting 3 poems

i have the introduction

so do i for the first body paragraph say the similarities and in the second paragraph say the differences and then conclusion?


do i write the first body paragraph as the similarities then write 3 more body paragraph each focusing on how each poem has a similarity? like after the 1st body paragraph i would talk the about the difference in the first poem, then next paragraph difference in 2nd poem, and next paragraph diffference in 3rd poem for a total of 4 body paragraphs

do u know what i mean?

cuz my teacher was saying formatting is important i forgot what she said but she showed us a certain format and said that thats what a “C” paper looks like

so plz if u know plz help me. thanks a lot!!! 🙂

I would introduce each of the poems in a separate paragraph, touching on the issues you will be comparing/contrasting (ie., plan on sticking to a few characteristics of the poems, like structure, figurative language, themes, and so on). After you have introduced the poems, I would do one paragraph on each of the issues, showing the similarities and differences between the three poems on each of these issues. Then, I would conclude with a discussion of the reasons for these similarities/differences and why you think they exist.

So, a sample essay, discussing the poems’ themes, structure and figurative language would look like this:

Intro (with thesis! your paper should be arguing something!)
Introduce poem 1
Introduce poem 2
Introduce poem 3
Similarities/ differences in theme
Similarities/ differences in structure
Similarities/ differences in figurative language
What these similarities/ differences mean

Don’t forget to use lots of examples!
Good luck!