How do I get motivated to start an essay?

How do I get motivated to start an essay?
I’m doing a comparison/contrast essay on the two books Roll of the Thunder, Hear My Cry and The Outsiders. I need to do it soon, but I just can’t get started. I keep on procrastinating too! Ineed to work on this thing asap, but I’m not motivated to!

How about making a spider graph or similar sort of brain storming activity.
A spider graph starts with your main idea in a circle in the centre and then you write the ideas that come off of that main idea around that circle (supporting ideas) and then the ideas that come off of those ideas around the outside (other support). You can show how they are linked by drawing lines to the different ideas to show that they are connected.
The centre idea is developed into you thesis and thesis paragraph.
Each one of the supporting ideas gets developed into a supporting paragraph with the other support used to substantiate your supporting ideas.
Then you have to write a conclusion.

Good luck.