how do i go about writing a personal essay ?

how do i go about writing a personal essay ?
I started back school today after 7 weeks holidays (I live in Scotland) and i need to write a personal essay for thursday, the problem is I have no idea how to do this !!? We’ve to do it on an intresting or good time/memory/day we’ve had and I know what to do I’m just not sure how to split this into paragraphs, start it off basically I have no idea how to do this ! I don’t know why but when I’m writing essays I feel stupid.

Very basic formula for introduction.

Start with a General Topic sentence, to introduce the topic on a level that lots of people can identify with.

“Some people love to go to the beach on holiday.”

Then explain that sentence.

“The appeal of this varies from person to person.”

Demonstrate why this is so in three examples.

“Various beach games like volleyball and racquetball are the reason some people enjoy it. Reading trashy novels, sunbathing, and picnics are other reasons that some go. Others just see it as an easy way to entertain the tykes on a weekend mini-break.”

Re-summarize the general idea of this first section.

“But nonetheless, people do go to the seaside often, despite myriad varying reasons.”

Now we get into your thesis development and statement. Start with another general idea.

“I myself have always despised the beach.”

Explain it with three examples.

“Swimming is one of my least favorite activities. I’ve got fair skin and can’t lie on a towel without long sleeves and a giant floppy hat to shield me from getting skin cancer. And now that I’m in secondary school, not even picking up seashells and pebbles holds any interest for my taste.”

Now bring in your thesis and how it relates to the build-up.

“But there was something about the trip that I took with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Leo to the seaside this past summer that changed my entire perspective on the seaside.”

Explain it in three examples, which will be the three main sections of your essay. Make sure the examples you choose have enough information to write a whole paragraph about later!

“We didn’t actually go on the beach at all, instead walking along the boardwalk and looking at the quaint little stores along it. After our shopping, we went to luncheon at a very nice restaurant with nautical decorations, but no sand to go with! Then we went on Uncle Leo’s sail-boat and sailed around the harbor, had dinner on board, and got on shore again way past my bedtime.”

Summarize all of that.

“It was one of the best days I’d had in a long time, and definitely my best time ever at the seashore.”

Now go on and explain those three examples that you used before. Describe the situations in five to seven sentences. Describe one, two, or three events that involve the primary topics you outlined above.