how do i go about writing a personal essay ?

how do i go about writing a personal essay ?
I started back school today after 7 weeks holidays (I live in Scotland) and i need to write a personal essay for thursday, the problem is I have no idea how to do this !!? We’ve to do it on an intresting or good tie/memory/day we’ve had and I know what to do I’m just not sure how to split this into paragraphs, start it off basically I have no idea how to do this ! I don’t know why but when I’m writing essays I feel stupid.

Basically you just want to start writing about a chosen topic and let your mind and pen (word processor, pc, etc) go to work. Once you have completed your creative portion, you can edit it to fit the needs of your essay topic. As an example, I was traveling by rail recently and while waiting for my train decided to put pen to paper:

The hustle and bustle of the crowd reminds me of ants scurrying to harvest food for the winter. People walk in every direction as if they have some place to go. Others sit and wait, for their journey has not yet begun. They sit staring at this and that. Many have removed their shoes to relieve the steamy hot feet which are now exhausted from the day’s constant on the move walking. Lovers embrace as they set to part company. A young girl fans herself from the humid heat that the day has brung (brought). Text messages by the dozens are being hammered out and the loud speaker announces it is time for the next wave of passengers to go to the platform.