How do I go back to College now?

How do I go back to College now?
After I graduated High School I went to Quinnipiac University but had to take a leave of absence before the fist semester was over due to family problems and I never ended up going back. Now I really want to start all over again in a new school, closer to my home town in Greenwich, CT but I dont know where to start. I have my essay and transcripts but how do I apply for financial aid, and do I apply as a transfer or freshmen since I never got any college credits? I live on my own now and I have a really good day job that I cannot afford to leave so can I be a full time student taking classes at night…? What should I do…? Someone please help….I feel so lost

If your day job is full time, you’d probably do better going to school part time at night, rather than full time, so that you can balance work, classes, and homework time. You can certainly try going part time for the first semester, and then if that goes really well, and you think you can do it, add one or two additional classes the following term.

As for whether you’ll be applying to the new university as a freshman or as a transfer – probably as a freshman, but that depends on the policy of the school. That sort of thing varies. The school’s web pages, under admissions, should have a page for transfer students. They usually list out who the consider a transfer student there. If they don’t, you can call admissions and ask. It’s a common question.

As for financial aid – you use the FAFSA, a form, to apply for aid. You can search for it online, and in fact, your new university should be able to give you guidance on filling it out, if you have any questions when you see it. The FAFSA website explains the process. Your university may also have scholarships and etc, so it’s worth it to contact them directly and ask what they provide.

Good luck.