How do i make a Photography Portfolio?

How do i make a Photography Portfolio?
I want to join the school news paper and i want to be a photographer. What should I put in it? Should I put aspects of myself in there? Usually I take a shot of random things such as a rose or an American Flag. HELP!!!

The photojournalism aspect of photography is strongly headed towards moving images, i.e. video. Something to keep in mind if you get serious about it in the future.

For the school newspaper it is important not only to be a strong photographer, but to also work on your writing skills because few images can stand alone. If you are serious about furthering your photography geared towards news worthy subjects, I recommend Photojournalism by Kenneth Kobre. Honestly any edition will do. Your school library might even carry it. It gives great tips on building a photo essay, equipment, etc etc.

Submit work that you feel strongly about. I don’t think the newspaper will care too much about flower shots unless its for the gardening section. Go to local events in your town. Street fairs, farmers markets, parades, sporting events, town meetings, & so forth. You will begin to build a collection of pictures. Shoot up close, from a far, from above, from really low on the ground. Make a statement and try different perspectives. Look for those things that most people won’t catch, but also the things that everyone goes to those events to see. Also don’t be afraid to take pictures of the people. You will only grow in your work if you continue to shoot. Enjoy the process and also don’t forget to look into other photographer’s work as inspiration.

If you are not ready to submit a body of work to the school newspaper, introduce yourself to the teachers and staff and ask to be sent to an event they need done for the paper with a fellow student. Getting your foot in the door is the best step!

Good luck!