How do I make a powerpoint presentation?

How do I make a powerpoint presentation?
Ok I know a lot of those presentations people put pictures on there but mine and the other students aren’t because its all disease topics so we just need to write it out on power point but i have no idea. Please help and tell me How I should make it with just using an essay?

Find the salient points that you wish to express to the audience. Condense them to the smallest number of words and then present them in ‘bullet point’ style presentation slides. Keep the animation to a minimum and the graphics simple and uniform and you should be okay! PowerPoint is a tool that is misused and often abused with the number of graphics and animations that people use. The most effective presentation or teaching tool is the whiteboard or the flip-chart with keywords on it, IMO. The Interactive whiteboard should be used for interactive tasks, slide shows and video presentations only.