How do I properly answer essay questions?

How do I properly answer essay questions?
Are there any guidelines to follow? Thank you all! I appreciate any bit of help.

ANSWER THE QUESTION DIRECTLY. This will be your thesis, and it will be presented as one of the last sentence in your intro (in almost all cases). The beginning of the intro should have backround info that is relevant to the rest of your paper.

In each body paragraph, address one part of your thesis (break down your thesis into smaller parts, and prove each one of them in a separate body paragraph). Prove them using facts, quotes (if you are doing an essay on a book), or sometimes personal beliefs. Now, use your own interpretation to tie these facts to your thesis i.e., tell the reader how they prove it (or how they prove the parts of the thesis for that body paragraph).

In your conclusion, summarize what you said, including your thesis, and leave the reader with food for thought.