How do I send a word document ?

How do I send a word document ?
Hello, I thought I did it right but I guess not. I am entering a writing contest online for a magazine.
Well, It says to use .doc or txt format…and must be an image file. Then I upload it in the
Browse box. I wrote my essay on my Wordpad..and saved it to my Document. I thought
that was it. So when I tried to enter it into the Browse, it wouldn’t take..what did I do wrong?
If someone can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it ! Here is the link so u
can see what they want…..… Thank U !!

Ok, Word (as in Microsoft Word) makes word documents (.doc)

WordPad is a rich text editor, ie: not true (.doc) files. Use either Microsoft Office Word or compatable (like ) to save it as a Word document.

I didn’t say where it said they accept .txt files, but assuming they do, if you reopen it in WordPad and Save As, in the save dialog, in the “Save as type” box, select “Text Document.”

You can also use to create a true (.doc) file, if you have a google account.
Just paste it in there, and then go to File > Download As > Word.