How do i start a college essay on my worst educational experience?

How do i start a college essay on my worst educational experience?
I’m planning to write about my worst educational experience which was in 6th grade Math. The teacher was lazy as can be and she never explained the lessons and thats how i became bad at math. how do i start the essay?

The college you are applying to wants to know how you deal with difficult situations; they hope you learn from them and move on. Describing your math trouble won’t help you in their eyes; six years after you last saw that teacher, you are still blaming her for your lack of math ability. The college wants you to say you found someone in your neighborhood or a relative who did explain things to you, and you learned that some of your education can come from outside the school walls.
Try to think of a time when you got sick and had to make up a lot of work, or a time you got a bad grade on an important project but did better on tests and passed the course anyway, etc.
In college, there are helpful professors and older students to help, but the college needs to know you want to learn on your own and will work on assignments even if a snow storm knocks out the power and you can’t go online. You need to start your essay on a difficult educational experience by describing what you learned from the experience: I was sick, but when I recovered, I focused on making up the work and got a B for the semester. Then describe your illness or the difficult situation you faced.