how do i start a persuasive essay?

how do i start a persuasive essay?
Im doing a paper for my history class. And im anti- war which means that i don’t think we shouldn’t of been there in the First place. meaning we should of never went to vietnam.

i agree. war is just too big of a waste of money and energy.

do you have your arguments? you need 3 of them. now, write them down and order them. for each argument search up some statistics or data that might help you prove that claim. When you have all 3 of the arguments down, start planning some counterarguments that can go against each of your 3 arguments. after you write them down, plan counter-counter arguments.

here’s the basic outline that i’ve followed.
INTRODUCTION: some interesting fact using in the past, now, and then thesis.
ARGUMENT 1: argument and then counter-counter argument
ARGUMENT 2: same as above
CONCLUSION: basic restatement of the thesis.

for a history essay, they want to see that you’ve grasped an understanding of the events that took place and how it links together. do not drift far away from your topic, and remember to make a strong thesis. use as many historical evidence as you can.

i usually do the in the past…. now….. therefore…. intro method. but, you can do it anway you want. there’s many methods, but it needs to give some background info for your essay