how do i start a persuasive essay?

how do i start a persuasive essay?
Im writing a persuasive essay on abortion and need help starting it. I kind of want to do an essay for both sides of abortion (good and bad). Because i feel like the only way you should have an abortion is if you were raped. And im anti-abortionist.

You should start a persuasive essay with a rhetorical question or controversial statement. This will immediately stimulate the reader. Seeing as your topic is quite a controversial one anyway, coming up with one shouldn’t be all that difficult. It will also give it a stronger impact if the opening statement is one aligned with the opposite of your true feelings. Not only does this surprise a reader (especially one that knows you like a teacher for example) but also helps to set you up for your conclusion/summary, which, will ultimately represent your true feelings.
Example opening statement if you were against abortions would be one in favour such as: “You don’t need a license to be a parent, but at least the right to an abortion allows younger pregnant women the opportunity to decide if they themselves are fit to be one.” Then explore the reasons why you might be thankful and/or in agreement of abortion, starting with the most extreme (like rape cases etc).
In the middle of the essay you can turn to the more shallow and less popular reasons for abortion such as women who abort so as not to jeopardise a career, or just to spite an ex-lover or other such like reasons that do not win as much favour as the extreme cases do. This will start the reader thinking whether or not it is a good thing after all, which is where you are guiding.
The final part is your ending and conclusion. Now its time to turn things on their head. Derail the flimsy excuses as a denial of life etc to build for your final statement. The final statement should be one of your firm belief so you must hammer home a justification for it – this is the ‘audience applaud’ line. It may also be a good trick to draw in some of the elements of the opening line also to seal the deal. Example: “You don’t need a license to be a parent, but you do have the responsibility and moral duty to nurture and sustain the life created…”
Hope this helps you along!

You should be aware that this type of excersise is actually a very good way for students to learn both sides of an arguement or debate and discover that life isn’t always as balck and white as youthful ideals might make you think. You’ll find that the younger someone is, the more they deal in absolutes – this is right, this is wrong etc. An essay like this helps to explore the grey area between…