How do I start an Essay for a College Scholarship?

How do I start an Essay for a College Scholarship?
The purpose of writing it is to explain why I feel I should be considered for this award. I know why I think I should, I’m just not sure how to start it off and not make it sound bad.

I once read an essay from a kid who wrote “Why not to eat yellow ice”. He then went ahead and broke it down to why seeing yellow ice can be tempting but to try it could lead to disaster as one doesn’t know what the ice is made off. He applied it to our daily lives; how we should always be aware of if something is different it doesn’t mean it is good.

Your essay should be an eye catcher, nothing too classy using fancy words, or your successes or what you intend to do. It should be about something you wonder about, something that fascinates you, something that you care about the most.

Another guy shared his experience about his son’s binky, how the day came when they took their 2 year old off the binky, his son was devastated when they threw out the binky his son stood by the trash can and said “bye binky, miss you” that essay had strong emotion all over it, captured the feelings of the reader and touched them greatly. He then went on to explain in his application that seeing his son have a great concern really touched him, thus making him even more determined to major and do well in the field he intends to study.

Good luck with your application, and all the best