How do i start my comparative essay?

How do i start my comparative essay?
I am doing a comparative essay for school, about cheerleading or softball. Which one is harder/ more dangerous! I need it to be done tonight, so please help me. I have no clue how to start it. Suggestions please! Answer my question and I’ll answer yours 🙂 Please Please Please

When you’re comparing two things, you want to find good, clear categories.
Ex: McDonald’s and Burger King, which is better?
Categories: Customer ratings, quality and variety of ingredients used in their food, health inspection reviews, etc.

You don’t want to have loose, unclear categories like:
Apples and oranges, which are better?
Category: Taste
Because a lot of people could say they like the sweet taste of apples and others could say they like the tangy taste of oranges. Then, it would become a “He said, she said” thing.

So, cheerleading and softball. Which one is tougher?

Now, I’m not an expert on cheerleading or softball. They might be difficult to compare because they’re two different sports. But some categories I think of are:

•How often injuries are reported in each
•(This might be too open-ended) The level of physical exertion required in a typical position for each
•(If you find any similarities in exercise regimes) The intensity of preparation for each (ex: The American Cheerleading Association requires people to be able to lift 100 pounds so they can support a person’s body weight, The American Softball Association requires people to lift 50 pounds so they can hit the ball hard)
•(It would be great if you found good research on this) Professional opinion on the workout from each (ex: An ACA trusted doctor says cheerleading has people support entire body weights just using their neck, An ASA trusted doctor says softball has people swing their arms with 50 pounds of force, 50 lbs > 100 lb body weights, so cheerleading involves more work)

Just food for thought.

•Just to be clear, those “statistics” above are just for examples.
•This is going to be a bit hard because there are different levels, etc. of cheerleading and softball everywhere.
•Find stuff that you can narrow down both sports on so that you can be pinpoint and precise.
•Find professional, trusted opinions and not small-sample student polls.
•Find some things like ESPN Sports Science.
•I think you’re going to have to give some judgement and give your own opinion from not-too-narrowed-down research. (ex: “The full body workout as reported by ACA shows that there is greater physical exertion than the ASA reported arms-only workout.”)

As for starting the essay, maybe something like:
Cheerleading and softball are two of the most popular sports in high school; they’re known as high school sports. Many high school students seek to join these two sports because they’re non-contact, yet physically proactive. Some may wonder whether one is tougher than the other and therefore more or less appealing for reasons such as: which is more harder, therefore rewarding? or which is more dangerous, therefore more logical to avoid? Through research and expert opinions, cheerleading is shown to be more physically demanding, more likely to cause injury, but also more rewarding.