how do i start my essay?

how do i start my essay?
how do i start my essay?
i have to write a comparison and contrast essay on two main characters in a book. i have to compare and contrast their personality ( humour, sociability) and character( behaviour, intelligence).
i don’t know how to start my introduction. i am stuck?

It’s a bit hard to give you much idea as I don’t know what text you are using. However, you begin by writing in sentences what you’ve got here. e.g. Fred and Ethel.
Fred’s good humoured personality is in sharp contrast to Ethel’s acidic wit, although their love for each other is clear. As opposites, they complement each other, Fred filling in when Ethel’s social disasters threaten them. Their outlook on [whatever] is similar and this binds them together as the world crumbles around them.

Sorry this is so vague, but I think once you start, you’ll get the idea. The best way is to write the rest of the essay first, then do the intro and the conclusion. Just sort of summarise the points you make in the essay.