How do I start of my essay?

How do I start of my essay?
Well, I have to a an essay on this topic: “HOW DOES MATH PUT AN ACTION IN YOUR PASSION?”… It’s basically asking you what you like to do (passion) and how math is involved in it.
My passions are designing stuff (clothes, decorating, making scrapbooks), reading, and i’m into medicine a bit. I wanna be a gyno when i grow older.

So, please help. Tell me some steps. Give me some tips. Tell me how i can start off so i can really draw the attention of the reader. Thank you guys sooo much <3 ANSWER Pick one to three of your passions and tell how you use math in that or how math may be used by the producer of your passion. I never realized when I was in school that I would use things like fractions and algebra almost every day, but I do. Maybe you could start by stating what can go wrong if the wrong math or measurements are used. Carpenters have a saying: Measure Twice, Cut Once. It really says a lot. (Note my kitchen design reference toward the end.) Reading, math has to be used to fit the text on the page as there are borders on each page that have to be measured out, title pages usually have the title centered, page numbers are usually placed the same distance from the bottom edge, etc. Scrapbooking uses a lot of numbers (math) even from the choice of scrapbook album size, 12 x12 inch, 8 & 1/2 x 11, 8 x 8, etc. Cutting photo mattes for your 4 x 6 in photos out of a 12 x 12 inch piece of paper takes math to figure that out. See my web site on a matte cutting tutorial for a little diagram - you can use if if you want. When you design clothes and make clothes that you design (or whoever makes them) you need to know how much fabric to use, how wide to make the seams, the collar, the length of the sleeve or pants to fit the person's particular size. Embellishments, belts or bows - you need to gage the lengths. Decorating, you need to know the size of the windows to properly cover them in window treatments, or the size of a room to purchase a couch or carpet that will fit. Kitchen design - critical - my designer did not leave room for my range! Cost me a bundle as we didn't move the range in until everything else was finished! Medicine, Goodness knows this is the most intensive use of math. All sorts of measures for medications, blood profiles, ratios, etc. If you only choose one, use this one as you probable have way more options with this. Good Luck, it sounds like an interesting assignment. Lynne