How do I write a 5 paragraph essay on a 2 page paper?

How do I write a 5 paragraph essay on a 2 page paper?
In Honors English 2 I have to write a 5 paragraph essay, given to us on the first day mind you, over this 2 page paper. My big brother who was in IB and has been in gifted all his life told me the assignment was hard to understand and was impossible.

lol well your whole class has to do it.. and your teacher has to grade all of them afterwards…
so if it really is that difficult, know that you’re not the only one working hard and spending time on it.
also, you’re in honors english, so it’s kind of supposed to be difficult.

also, if two of the paragraphs are the introduction/conclusion, then technically you only need like 3 main points for the body paragraphs. and just include a bunch of unnecessary words/phrases to take up space. that’s what i always do.

good luck

sorry, i didnt know if you meant you had to fit 5 paragraphs on 2 pages, or if you had to write 5 paragraphs on like some 2-page article or something..
lol sorry if i answered wrong *facepalm*