How do I write a compare and contrast essay…?

How do I write a compare and contrast essay…?
comparing a book and a movie?

What do you know about compare-contrast essay? Compare-contrast essay is one of the types of essay which students have to write in colleges and universities.

In general it is possible to say that this type of essay has similar features with other types of essays but of course it has also differences and the main difference can be seen in the title of this type of essay.

This type of essay is called compare and contest essay. It means that the basis of this essay is comparison and contradistinction. It means that there are two subjects which should be compared and contrasted.

The structure of compare and contrast essay is similar to structures of other types of essays. Such essay consists of introduction, main body and the conclusion. In the introduction it is necessary to present those two subjects which you are going to investigate. The same things should be done in the conclusion, but instead of the presentation it is necessary to make conclusions concerning these two subjects.

As for main body, it is necessary to think carefully abut it. Usually main body of compare and contrast essay consists of similarities and differences if chosen subjects. You can divide main body of the essay into several paragraphs and dedicate every paragraph to certain matter. For example, in fist two paragraphs you can define similarities of every subject. In next two paragraphs you can define differences between two subjects. Or you can begin with contrast of two things and then pass to their comparison. It’s up to you concerning the structure of main body of essay, but you should remember that compare and contrast essay should contain comparison and contrast of two things.