How do I write a compare and contrast essay?

How do I write a compare and contrast essay?
I’m suppose to do a topic on comparing and contrasting two people. How can I evenly divide the similarities and differences in three body paragraphs.This essay must be max. of 5 paragraphs that’s why I asked 🙂

Step 1: Decide on your two people.
Step 2: Pick two traits they have in common, then two they are opposites (or at least differing in.)
Step 3: Write like a prooooo.

Each paragraph should defend why you believe Person A and Person B have x trait in common or are opposites. General formula should be 1.) state trait, who has it [or doesn’t] 2.) say how you know person a/b has trait with support from text [if from a story/historical document of some sort] 3.) explain what this means [why is it relevant to your original thesis in the introduction of your paper].