how do i write a conclusion for a persuasive essay?

how do i write a conclusion for a persuasive essay?
my essay is on who i believe is the stronger gender, i chose men.

Are you a glutton for punishment? All topic comments aside, there is an easy way to write a Conclusion to an essay.

There should be no NEW information in the conclusion, this is for the Body of the essay.

In the Conclusion, you should simply write 1 summary sentence FOR EACH BODY PARAGRAPH. Re-state in a sentence what each paragraph was saying.(Because your Conclusion is a summarization of what you have just discussed in your paper.) This will also help you to see if you have included any Body paragraphs that are pointless or unecessary. If they don’t contribute to a good wrap-up in the Conclusion, perhaps they are extraneous. It will also help you see if you left out supporting evidence for a main part of your argument.

You have to push back from the content and just do this, almost by wrote. When you have, you will find you just wrote your Conclusion!