How do i write a creative college essay?

How do i write a creative college essay?
I am a little rusty with structure, and where to start creatively… I am applying for film and television and i dont know what to write about anymore. I have tried so many things,

ie. I had a dream one time…’

I feel as though im on the wrong track? Have you been through this before?

With a creative essay you need to write creatively on the topic given. They want to see your creative writing abilities and how you are able to express ideas in a creative manner. This takes into account your own knowledge and education, while expressing who you are through the essay. This is a great essay for showing who you are, your personality and your views on a topic or subject. However, be careful not to get caught up in obscure thoughts and ideas. It is not a free for all when writing, you still need to stay focused and clearly express the ideas and have supporting evidence for your thoughts and feelings.

Make sure you still write and know the facts and details. Although it is creative writing, do not over indulge in yourself and your belief system. Use common sense and stay away from topics that can come across as too high minded. This will not necessarily impress the application board.

The essay writing portion may seem daunting and very nerve racking. However, stay calm, write and re-write the essay. Make sure to let others read it and proof read it too. Take your time. There are deadlines to meet, but rushing will only mean making mistakes and possibly spending more time writin