how do i write a good essay?

how do i write a good essay?
i need help with thesis.
i want a better way than just listing the things that i’m talking about
ex. blah blah blah such as blah,blah and blah.
and i have good thoughts, but i cant organize them effectively
and i only have 40 minutes to write and plan the whole thing
thanks 😀

Think about what you’re going to write (thesis and intro)

Then the body: (3 reasons to support your thesis)

Then the conclusion (summary, brief justification of your points and what are the benefits/advantages/etc…)

An example of an essay is like: talking about my school teacher.

Thesis and intro would be like: My school teacher is very helpful and kind and usually gives me alot of attention and awareness to my studies.

Points (body) would be like: 1. she stays after class to help me sometimes with problems…this helps me alot because there aren’t many students there at that time and its easier to interact and talk with her about my math problems..

2. she loves to check our homework and help us out with any problems during class….this is very helpful because we then realize where we’re wrong and how we can correct our problem before we go home…

3. she loves to give quizzes and group work…this helps the interaction between all our classmates because it boosts our ability to work and share our knowledge together..

(conclusion)..therefore, i think our math teacher is a great teacher because she has a great and kind personality of helping you in different ways…moreover, we all benefit from her teaching as its quite unique and very clear to follow..

hope this helps a bit..