How do I write a narrative essay summary?

How do I write a narrative essay summary?
can someone just do a quick layout? Maybe some rules of writing one? Im so used to writing essays on things like other papers, but I am somewhat clueless about how to write one on a narrative.(I know how to write a summary on the arguments of a paper, where i have to summarize both sides) but I am clueless on how to write one when it comes to just an event and there are no conflicts to summarize

Ah, I just had to do one of these. Except it was for a belief narrative…

Let’s see. To write the summary of a narrative you have to summarize what went on in the narrative… um ha ha. But really, what you’re actually supposed to do is say what went on in this situation (since usually a narrative is about a certain occasion) and how it affected you. (When I write a narrative I put the summary at the beginning of the paper and use it as an exposition and introduction/main idea.)

For instance:

When I was in college I experienced love like I never did before. Before I had thought love was a close relationship with two people, maybe like me and my mom. It wasn’t until I started studying graphic design that I found that I could have a love for other things as well. And I learned to express my love through the things I love. Love love love. As I learned to love graphic design the word love took on a whole new meaning.

That was just a badly written paragraph I just wrote on a fictional experience but it works as an example. Okay so a summary pretty much just summarizes up an experience. But what else? It also has a hook (can you see the hook in the example) and it’s supposed to make you want to read the rest of the paper (I don’t think the example would make you want to read the rest of the paper, but I think you get the idea).

So the basics of what you need to do:
-Summarize an experience
-Show how that experience affected you
-Say things that will want others to read your paper
-Stick to an outline you have made

That’s pretty much the best way to write a narrative summary (from what I know at least). I hope your summary turns out well!