How do I write a really good comparative essay?

How do I write a really good comparative essay?
I have to write a comparative essay comparing 2 short stories. How do I do this right and What is the right format?

First of all I would use the MLA format for the paper if your not sure what that is go here :

Then scroll down to the general guide lines section.

In your first paragraph you will want to put your introduction. First , depending on what angle you are going for, you should talk about how the 2 stories have many similaritys. ( you could also write about how the 2 stories are completely different). This should lead into your Thesis statement. “There are three reasons why theses stories are so similar, the first reason is blah blah. Another reason they are similar ( or different) Is because of blah blah blah. Lastly they are similar because blah.” Or something to that effect. Then once you have your thesis, it is pretty easy, Each of your following paragraphs should explain on of your main points following them in the order you have them listed in your thesis. Ending with your final paragraph which restates your thesis and brings your paper to a close.