How do i write a reflective essay about a photo?

How do i write a reflective essay about a photo?
I have to write a reflective essay on a photograph for my intermediate 2 folio. My teacher hasn’t told any of the class how to go about it. The essay has to be written by Monday, it has to be 800-1000 words. Can anyone give me tips please? I would prefer a guide or something like that to tips but all answers will be much appreciated. Thanks. 😀

The first thing you do is describe the photo: color or b/w, dimensions, subject, background, setting
(time and place) anything you can see. Then you describe the photographer’s purpose and mood,
using examples from your description. (You may have to guess at this) Finally, you describe how the photo makes you feel. This is the reflective part, and you can’t gloss over it. If it reminds you of something from your childhood, or makes you think about a situation in the world, then you write about those feelings.