How do I write a reflective essay on “Of mice and men”?

How do I write a reflective essay on “Of mice and men”?
I’m supposed to write any essay type that I want for honors english on the book “Of Mice and Men” and I chose to do a reflective essay and all that I learned from the book is how people felt about the mentally handicapped and how Lennie is very kill-prone and I’m not sure how to get an entire page worth of an essay out of that.Please help!I just want ideas to get me started.

Of Mice and Men: Four Major Themes

“Of Mice and Men”, by John Steinbeck, is composed of four major themes.
These themes are the value of dreams and goals, moral responsibility, social
injustice, and the bond of friendship and loyalty.

The value of dreams and goals are that they provide hope and the desire
to keep going in life, rather than laying down to die. When Lennie is feeling
depressed in the woods he asks George to tell him about the “dream farm” again.
This is the farm that Geore and Lennie hope to own someday. Even though this
dream seems almost impossible at the time it still generates enough hope to
keep Lennie and George going. When George starts talking bout it Lennie gets
all excited and happy and so does George. Another example of the power of
dreams is when Candy over hears George and Lennie’s “dream farm” and becomes a
part of the dream. Candy goes from a depressed sad additude to a cheerful
excited one. He now has hope of doing something and it came from the “dream
farm”. A final example of the value of dreams and goals is when Crooks hears
of the farm. Crooks is a lonely black man who has no future, but when he
starts to think of how he can be a part of the dream he also gets happy and
excited, until his dream is crushed.

Many people of good character have to honor certin moral responibilites.
George is bond by his own moral to take care care of Lennie. No one makes him
do it, he just does it because it feel like the right thing to do. Candy felt
like he neglected his moral responibility to shoot his own dog. Candy felt
real bad inside because it was his job to shoot his dog but instead Carlson
shot him. This shows that when a person goes against what is moraly right to
them , they hate themselves for it. At the end of the story George is forced,
out of moral, to shoot Lennie. It was the right thing to do, and even though
it almost killed George inside to kill his best friend, he still did it. Read more here: