how do I write a research paper?

how do I write a research paper?

I just added a section to my website with links for help with literary research papers (which can be applied to any type of research). There are some with instructions and some links with many sample essays, which can be very helpful.

The website is small and has no ads. It is where I placed all of the links, tips and shortcuts I acquired while answering these questions on Yahoo answers. Now, students can go and get what they need. Hopefully, something there will help. You will also still need a thesis statement, so be sure to:

– get the link in red on “how to create a thesis statement” on the first page of links (General Essay Help or Links for Creating Essays will get you there)

– go to the page for “Synthesis/Research” (it is the third page of links), and you will find your heading for literary research papers.…

Good luck to you!