How do I write a “Why I want to go to (school’s name) essay?”?

How do I write a “Why I want to go to (school’s name) essay?”?
I’m applying for high schools and for two of the schools I have to write an essay saying why I want to go to that particular school. What do I include in a “Why I want to go to (school’s name)” essay?” I’m really clueless about how to do this and I want it to be right so I can get accepted. Any tips?

Look into what the schools pride themselves on and what they’re known for. For example, at my high school, the school choirs were a huge deal and traveled the country winning all kinds of competitions. Students from other districts came to my school just for their music program. Another school might have a fantastic science department with really high tech equipment.
Talk about the school’s track record for academic excellence and the quality of their instructors (or whatever) and how you really want to go there because you’ll get a superior education that will help you achieve your goals. Detail what your goals are–especially if they fit in with whatever the school excels in–and how the school is perfect for you as a person (social activities and clubs and stuff) and as a student (great teachers and programs).