How do I write an illustration essay on beauty?

How do I write an illustration essay on beauty?
It has to be 2-3 pages and I can’t think of that much to write about!
Any suggestions? thank you!

Tell what your opinions on beauty are. Everyone has their own personal thoughts on what exactly beauty is. Use imagery. Explain by words as pictures what beauty is in the world today, what beauty used to be, what beauty should be. It should be very picturesqe and colorful. Etc….

Here’s some starters…

The entertainment industry considers beauty to be what is on the exterior.
Inside beauty is based on personality rather than what is viewed by the common person.
Though some people base beauty on looks, others look at it in a different perspective.
What is considered beautiful here may not be beautiful in another part of the world.

Then go about explaining in imagery. Keep it colorful and full of examples, creating a picture with words.