how do i write my essay?

how do i write my essay?
I’m a senior and i will be going to college soon, i need to write a essay to the colleges i’m going to apply for, which are Penn state , university of Pitt, Drexel univ., Carnegie Mellon). could someone tell me or write me an outline on what i should write for my essay. thanks.

Usually, the colleges give you suggestions for your college essay. I’d pick one of those. If none of them have made any suggestions, i.e. they just said “write us an essay”, then you have several options. You could take the stolid route of writing an essay about why you want to go to that particular college, or what you plan on doing with your education. That has both the advantage and disadvantage that they’ll have seen thousands of essays like that. If that’s not appealing, you might try a slightly riskier route and be a bit creative. Write an essay explaining why cats are evil, for instance. (Since they are, of course, that one should be easy.) Write an essay detailing your life as the daughter or an Austrian yak herder. Explain in minute detail just why asparagus is the perfect food. Creativity like that will definitely catch their eye. The only problem is that, if you do it badly or you catch an Admissions Committee with no sense of humor, they may round-file your application without another look.

Which path you take is entirely up to you. Which do you like better? If you don’t like any of my suggestions, then (she said, repeating herself), be creative.