how do people usually write an outline for a college paper?

how do people usually write an outline for a college paper?
Im just starting college at an american university and im not used to writing papers,at school we did a lot of multiple choice type questions and short essays,so im a little clueless as to how im supposed to write an outline

an outline will help you structure your thoughts, and your paper in general to avoid going on tangents.

start by developing and writing a thesis statement (a one to two sentance statement that states the purpose of writing the paper, or the point youre trying to make).

then identify 1 to 3 sub points (for instance if my thesis is “Human use of cows has increased over the last 200 years. The methane emitted from cow manure has been a contributing cause of global warming.” then three sub-points could be 1.) proving how the human use of cows has increased, 2.) proving how cow manure can contribute to global warming, 3.) recommending a strategy to mitigate the impact of cow manure contributing to global warming.

then write a concluding statement

include the above in an outline format and you have yourself a basic outline