How do SAT scores work?

How do SAT scores work?
I know that it’s a scale of 2400 and that each wrong answer is a deduction of a 1/4 point. But that’s about it. Am I also right in saying that unanswered questions are not penalized?


unanswered questions are not penalized, each right answer is worth 1 point, each wrong answer is -1/4 with the exception of grid-ins (answers without multiple choices). it is on a scale of 2400. There are three sections, Math, Critical Reading and Writing, the maximum scores for these are 800 and then an essay (which actually comes first) which is graded on a scale of 1-6 by two graders for a combined score of 2 – 12. Im not sure how the essay factors in precisely. You get 200 points on each section for simply signing your name (that’s a total of 600 points for each section). When you tell people what you got you add up the three main scores. Anything over 1500 is above average, anything above 1900 is in the top 90%. These people are most likely to get scholarships.