How do to you write a personal essay?

How do to you write a personal essay?
Also, what are good ways to start these essays off?

A personal essay is a snapshot in your life. It is a narrative told in first person and dialogue is also often used to recreate the memory. Dialogue from the you and other key character(s) is only needed. The “snapshot” you choose should be very significant to you, and at the end, there is an “epiphany” where you learn something about yourself or about life. Perhaps you Will be sharing the most important day of your life. Perhaps you will focus on an experience where you were embarrassed, where you were hurt, where you were joyful, where you were angry, where you were jealous. Perhaps you will share a snapshot of when you realized someone wasn’t who you thought they were, or where they were everything and more.You can begin the essay with dialogue, with a general statement about life in connection to you topic, you can start with a famous relevant quote, or you an start with the ending and then take the reader to the beginning of how it all started.