How do u write an essay? i want to be a strong writer?

How do u write an essay? i want to be a strong writer?
i know how to write a simple essay. but i want to become a strong writer. my teacher told me that my essay is sophomoric. i take AP english and i think my writing skill is not good enough. how do i write a strong essay? i basically need help with everything from:
-introduction (how to start it)
-thesis (how to write a strong thesis)
-conclusion (how to write/start a conclusion)

its good if you give me some example essay to read. and if you have time, give me a prompt and i’ll write an essay, and you can grade me.

please help, my grade is depended on it. im going to talk to my teacher about it on tuesday, but i want to show her that i am a somewhat good writer and meet AP student criteria.

The best way is to do two things…
1. Back up your claims… whatever you are writing about, make sure you support it (back up your thesis) with quotes and examples.
2. Try to increase your vocabulary. Doing this little thing can transfrom your work from a pretty good piece to a “work of art”.

For examples… go to
There you can go to each AP subject and look at sample essays students have written.

Now, for an intro, you need to catch your readers… something obscure or transforming that makes them want to know more. A thesis is pretty easy, you just need to state your position and a short “why” summary.
A conclusion is just another intro but this time you are retrospective instead of introspective.