How do video games affect young people?

How do video games affect young people?
I need to do a persuasive essay about how video games affect young people. I myself am in love with video games but still need outside opinions. Can you help me?

A lot of people say that violence in video games affect the minds of young people negatively, and yes I have written plenty of essays saying this because it’s really easy to write about but that’s just me lying about how i feel for 7 pages 😛

Video games affecting young people hmmm, well you first have to approach the topic of types of video games: computer or console or both.

Computer video games, even when playing mmo’s, usually makes people distant themselves from real world people and problems. Of course people are different and the severity of this varies greatly among the population. Sometimes it doesn’t have any affect on people.
There was this one article I read for an essay where a man died playing Everquest (for those who don’t know Everquest is a really old mmo) and nobody knew that he committed suicide until days later when his friends(or family members, i forget which) checked up on him.

Most games are violent if you think about it, otherwise they’d be really boring. So with that in consideration, video games can make it so that the players are numb to violence.